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Best Stability Ball Exercises at Home

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Doing basic exercise moves on any unbalanced surface can disturb your muscles. One study conducted in 2007 suggested that doing crunches on a stability ball could improve muscle activity and also good for your abs.

One study conducted in 2006 showed that stability balls could help in regaining shape after experiencing any injury. They are also helpful in reducing muscular and spinal strains.

A study conducted in 2013 suggested that doing exercises with the help of stability balls could lower back pains. However, recent researches are lacking in this area.

A study conducted in 2014 suggested that using stability balls for like 20 minutes, five times a day, could improve muscular activity in the glute, back, and abs areas in older adults.

Stability balls: What size is best?

It is necessary to select the best size of a stability ball according to your fitness routine. Typically, stability balls are three diameters depending on the height of the user. However, it comes in 4 or 5 diameters as well.

  • It is suggested that the people with five and 5’5 heights should choose a 55cm stability ball
  • It is suggested that the people 5’6 and 5’11 heights should go for a 65cm stability ball
  • Highly tall people like six and 6’3 heights should work with a 75 cm ball

Workout with stability balls

The total amount of sets and repetitions are based on the fitness level of an individual. For most of the workouts, 3 to 5 sets of 10 to 20 repetitions are suggested.

You can rise up the repetitions to check the strength after doing few workouts. Such moves can increase the effectiveness and crunch of this stability balls way beyond.


1.     V-sit with exercise ball

As its name indicates V for victory. It is one of the killing abs workouts. You need to lie down on the floor with your ankles resting on the top of a stability ball.

Your arms should be pointed towards your feet. Then roll up your thorax region by keeping hips on the floor so that your body could make a V shape.

Stay in this position for five counts. Then slowly roll your body back on the floor. Repeat the same action for 6 to 10 repetitions.

2.     Ball jog with a medicine ball

This exercise move is going to take you to your childhood days for sure! It will pump up your heart.

For this, you need to sit straight on the stability ball with your feet firmly grounded on the floor and your abs fully engaged.

Then lift your knees up and down to bounce on the ball as high as possible. Keep bouncing for like 2 to 5 minutes to fully pump your heart up during your workout. It can be used as a warm-up move as well.

3.     Knee tuck with a gym ball

For this move, you need to start with a push-up position in which your toes should be rested on the stability ball with straight arms.

Your hands should be rested on the floor under your shoulders. Bring your knees directed towards the chest until knees and hips are held in the same position.

Then release your knees back to their push-up position. Keep repeating it for like 10 to 15 kick-butt repetitions.

4.     Side squat with a yoga ball

For this exercise, you need to stand with your legs shoulder-width apart. And grasp the stability ball over your head with both hands.

You have to keep your back straight and abs fully engaged for this squat exercise. Now bend down and move the ball towards the outside of your right foot.

Repeat similar action with your left foot as well. You can lift the ball again for like 10 to 15 repetitions by keeping yourself strong.

5.     Hamstring curl with exercise ball

For this exercise, you need to lie down on the floor with your arms expanded perpendicular to your thoracic region, lower calves, and heels on the stability ball.

Keeping your abs and glutes fully engaged; lift up your hips from the floor. Your stretched arms will help you in gaining stability.

Now exhale and bring your knees towards your hips while your feet are resting on the ball. Stay in this position for few seconds and then inhale and bring your legs back to the resting position.

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