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Tribulus: Uses, Health Benefits, Side Effects

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Tribulus commonly called “devil’s thorn” and “puncture vine,” its scientific name is Tribulus Terrestris.

This plant is found in deserts, subtropical and Mediterranean regions such as Mexico, China, India, Bulgaria, Vietnam, and Spain.

Moreover, this weed has good adaptations in dry and warm places. The root, fruit, and leaf of this plant can be used for treating various problems, especially sexual dysfunctionality.

Dosage of Tribulus terrestris

A dose of 250 mg three times per day for the duration of 3 months is recommended for males with erectile dysfunction.

After taking the doctor’s advice, Tribulus can be used by combining it with other supplements.


Health Benefits and Uses of Tribulus Terrestris

Some of the major uses and health benefits of Tribulus Terrestris are:

1.     Prevent sexual problems

According to studies, females who have difficulty in experiencing sexual comfort should take Tribulus to improve their sexual experience.

It improves orgasm, sensation, arousal, sexual comfort, lubrication as well as sexual desires. It is beneficial for improving sexual desires in both men and women.

2.     Tribulus Terrestris for Athletic performance

In athletes, supplements of Tribulus used with other herbs or alone improves exercise performance or body composition.

3.     Tribulus Terrestris for Chest pain (angina)

Symptoms of chest pain called angina can be decreased by taking the appropriate amount of Tribulus.

4.     Tribulus Terrestris for Eczema (atopic dermatitis)

Some studies support this notion that for children and adults, a proper amalgamation of Tribulus with nine other herbs may decrease the symptoms of eczema.

5.     Tribulus Terrestris for Enlarged prostate (BPH)

In males with enlarged prostate glands supplementing with curry leaf and Tribulus for about twelve months produces similar effects of tamsulosin drug by improving their symptoms.

Studies highlight that is supplementing with chitosan, brown algae, saw palmetto, and Tribulus improves the symptoms of the lower urinary tract in males.

  1. Erectile dysfunction (ED)

Early studies demonstrate that supplementing with Tribulus for about three months may be effective for treating partial androgen deficiency and satisfying sexual needs in males.

7.     Tribulus for testosterone

It is used to increase the levels of testosterone in men. Tribulus is also essential to promote the overall health of men and treats sexual problems.

It also enhances the libido, reduces th swelling, and treats urinary tract infections in men.

8.     Himalaya Tribulus

It is an organic Tribulus, and it contains extract of Tribulus. It is the best supplement for treating urinary infections and male sexual problems.

It is non-GMO and free from soy, gluten, gelatin, and other harmful chemicals.

Side effects of Tribulus Terrestris

In females, supplements of Tribulus may be associated with irregular periods, stomach problems, and insomnia.

  • Women should avoid this supplement during breastfeeding and pregnancy. Males with prostate gland problems should take it after the doctor’s advice.

If people are on some other medication, they should take it with grea

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