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Vinyl Gloves Used for & Benefits

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Vinyl gloves are famous for using in the food industry for many years now. But, the uses of vinyl gloves are not only for food preparation but for many other reasons too.

They are latex-free gloves, so anyone with a latex allergy can try them on without the worry of getting a reaction.

They fit suitably in most of the people and have more flexibility in them so they can have movement and can perform tasks without any hindrance and quickly. As vinyl gloves are more economical, and are best to use for short term tasks for a short time.

You should use the vinyl disposable gloves in Low-risk tasks only. However, in the case of dangerous materials, you should not use them. 

Vinyl gloves have a thin layer of cornstarch powder, so they can be put on and removed more easily during the tasks and after the completion of the activity. In market powder free vinyl gloves are also available.

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Benefits of vinyl gloves

There are many benefits of vinyl gloves such as: 

  • PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)

It is a type of synthetic rubber glove, vinyl gloves consist of PVC (polyvinyl chloride), which is combined with plasticizer, so they can be more agile and donned on easily. Even though chemical accelerators are present in nitrile gloves, vinyl gloves do not have them though. 

  • Vinyl hand gloves Avoid Allergies

Since this glove is made of synthetic substances instead of natural rubber latex, therefore, they do not contain latex and serves as an alternative to those who are allergic to latex and suffer from Type I allergy.

People at risk of Type IV allergy can also be kept safe with these gloves that do not contain chemical accelerators. A variety of reactions occur due to the occurrence of Type I and Type IV allergies like inflammation, skin irritation, runny nose, and cold-like symptoms, including blisters, rashes, cracking, and in some conditions, anaphylactic shock (usually in latex allergy). This is the main reason why vinyl gloves are still being used, mostly to avoid allergies.

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They can be either in powdered or non-powdered forms. Non-powdered types, also known as powder-free, are more accepted by the wearers since they are less irritating than the powdered ones. 

  • Ward off Chemicals

Mild chemicals can be warded off by these gloves from the hands like detergents and other cleaning substances and also offer protection against body-fluids that can cause cross-contamination, even from powders, liquids in laundry use, and many more. 

Uses of vinyl gloves

There are many uses of vinyl gloves such as:

  • Disposable vinyl gloves for non-fatty food preparation

With the exception of fatty foods or oils, vinyl gloves have been put under EN1186. It means that they are safe if they come into contact with food.

It helps to make the food healthy without the risks of getting germs and viruses in food.

vinyl glove

  • Painting and printing

Vinyl gloves also protect against the coloration of hands due to the use of paints and dyes.

You can put on and remove them very easily while also securing both the substances and the hands. 

vinyl gloves

In places where there are biological hazards, medical-grade vinyl gloves offer more protection than normal vinyl gloves in the smallest AQL (Acceptable Quality Limits).

Workers of healthcare, beauty services, hygiene and dentistry, and tattooing mostly use vinyl gloves.

Vinyl gloves price

Gloves are available at a very reasonable price in pharmacy stores in Dubai, UAE. You can buy vinyl gloves online from Life Pharmacy. 

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