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After Sun Skincare Routine

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1.     Take a Cool Shower

Chlorine droplets and saltwater can result in dehydration and intensified effects of the sun’s radiation on the skin. If you instantly want to soothe, cool and calm down your skin, then you can have a shower after the sunbath.

2.     Cleanse Away Impurities

When people spend a lot of their time in an external environment, then they should cleanse their skin in order to get rid of impurities.

When people apply sunscreen on their face, then it gets mixed up with inevitable sweat during summer, which results in a humid and sticky feel on their skin. So, for getting rid of these impurities, oils, dirt and dust, people should clean their skin.

You can gently apply your favorite cleanser in lather form on your skin and rinse for removing the impurities and having a soothing feel on your skin.

3.     Skin Moisturizer

Excessive exposure to the sun can even dry up the skin. People should add a hydrating facial cream moisturizer to their skincare routine to lock back the hydration and moisture of their skin.

After washing the face, apply face moisturizer on your slightly moist skin to sealing the moisture in your skin.

4.     Use Aloe Vera

When you are going through severe sunburn, then apply aloe vera gel on the affected area. This gel gives temporary relief as well as a cooling and hydrating sensation to the skin.

5.     Face Mask

Those people who have extremely dry skin can even opt for a hydrating sheet mask which can give extra cooling, moisturizing and hydrating sensation to their skin. Apply the mask and then relax for 15 minutes and wait for your mask to get a dry little bit, and then remove the mask while massaging the leftover serum on your skin.

6.     Eye care

Around the eyes, the skin is sensitive, so it can be affected by many summer compounds. For decreasing the puffiness around your eyes, add some eye care products such as extracts of echinacea, aloe vera, Gotu kola and sea kelp into your daily routine.

These compounds can easily absorb into the skin because they have a light texture.

7.     Take time out

Some people have extra sensitive skin, and some even have a sun allergy, so they should sometimes avoid their daily skincare routine and apply only gentle products such as posthelios containing hydra-gel on their skin.

Posthelios Gel contains 76 percent of thermal spring water, namely La Roche Posay. This gel is great for dry and sensitive skin. After sun exposure, people should also avoid waxing and shaving.

8.     Lip care

Exposure to the sun can be harmful to lips and can result in dry lips. So, after, before and during your sun sessions, you should use Cicaplastbaume B5 containing SPF 50.

This Baume comprises five percent of panthenol, pro-hydration active elements, shea butter and MP-lipids which repair, nourish and hydrate your lips.

These ingredients give 12 hours of protection to your lips and results in beautiful and glossy lips.

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