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Best Blood Pressure Monitor at Home, Benefits & Usage

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It is usually suggested by your medical professional to monitor your blood pressure at home. For this to happen, you need to attain a home blood pressure monitor. It should be of standard quality and fit well. 

Types of Blood Pressure Monitor

Manual Blood Pressure Monitors

  • Manual devices consist of a cuff used to wrap around your arm, a rubber squeeze bulb, and a gauge that measures blood pressure. A stethoscope is used to monitor the pulsing of blood through the artery. 
  • Blood pressure is seen on the circular dial of the gauge as the needle shifts, and alteration in the pressure of the cuff is seen through its rise and fall. 
  • Manual devices are usually authentic when used correctly. But they are not suggested for use at home. 

Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

  • A digital device is similar in the sense that it contains a cuff that comes around your arm. For inflating the cuff, the rubber squeeze ball is used. Different devices inflate by pushing a button.
  • After inflation of the cuff, the pressure gradually drops by itself. The screen of the device will display the readings of your systolic and diastolic blood pressure. 
  • The cuff will automatically deflate after displaying your blood pressure. Many machines are generally reused again after 2 or 3 minutes of waiting. 
  • If you are moving around when taking blood pressure through a digital monitor, then the device’s accuracy is affected. 
  • Reading is also not accurate if the heart rate is irregular. But still, digital monitors are considered best for several people. 

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Tips to Measure Blood Pressure Accurately at Home

· Be Still While Using Bp Machine

Do not measure your blood pressure 30 minutes before smoking, drinking caffeinated beverages, or exercising. Take 5 minutes of rest after voiding your bladder before taking measurements. 

· Sit Correctly While Using Bp Monitor 

Sit in a way that your back is supported and upright (like on a dining chair, instead of a sofa). Keep the feet flat on the surface, and crossing of legs is not recommended.

With your upper arm present at your heart level, try keeping your arm supported on a flat surface (like a table).

Keep the bottom of the cuff of the device at the bend of the elbow appropriately. Ask your health care provider to instruct how to use or inspect the monitor’s instructions for any illustrations. 

· Measuring blood pressure daily at the same time

It is essential to note readings at the same time every day, in the morning and evening. It is ideal for taking readings two weeks after your treatment is altered and a week before your next appointment is due, even though taking daily readings is still considered good. 

· Blood pressure reader, reads and record the outcomes

Take two to three readings every time you measure after a minute and keep the records by using a printable (PDF) tracker.

If your readings can be stored in the monitor automatically, then take them with you to the next appointments. It is also allowed by some monitors to register a profile before uploading your readings to a safe website. You should not take the measurements over the clothes.

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Choosing the best blood pressure monitor

An electronic, cuff-style bicep (upper-arm) monitor is suggested by the American Heart Association. 

  • Less accurate results are obtained by using wrist and finger monitors, so they are not recommended. 
  • Select a monitor that is already validated. If still in doubt, then consult your doctor or pharmacist. 
  • Chose a blood pressure monitor that has been validated appropriately when choosing for a senior, pregnant woman, or a child. 
  • Make sure that the cuff size is suitable for placing around the upper arm and that it fits suitably. 

One of the best manual blood pressure monitors are;

Benefits of Trister Blood Glucose Monitor

  • By having a blood glucose monitor at home, you can check your glucose levels regularly and know your conditions better.
  • You can make important decisions about your medications, diet, and workout plans after knowing your health conditions better.
  • You can check your high or low blood sugar levels regularly.

Blood pressure machine price

Blood pressure machine is available at very reasonable prices in market. You can get wrist blood pressure monitor or arm blood pressure from any pharmacy store. 

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