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Safest Ways to Clean Your Contact Lenses

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Contact lenses are a comfortable and convenient method of improving your vision without using glasses. While wearing a contact lens, you might even forget that it should be handled with care since it is a medical device.

Cleaning your lenses is of utmost importance whenever you wear them; of it, they ever fall out and become contaminated.

Precautions need to be taken and followed appropriately while wearing lenses, whether they are rigid or disposable, as they need to be removed, cleaned, or kept properly.  

Steps to properly clean your Contact Lenses

Removing Contact Lenses

Use soap to wash and clean your hands

Infections can occur due to the presence of germs or bacteria from your hands transferred to your lenses. Even still, using lotions or other materials can also irritate your eyes. So, it is best to touch your lens after washing them with warm water and soap. 

  • Dry your hands on a lint-free towel.

Open one side of the contact lens case

Try opening one side of the case and not all. So, any contaminant can be avoided. 

  • Every night, take out your lens in the same order as the night before. 
  • When using an upright lens case for the contacts, remove the top and take out the lens holder. At one time, open only one side of the holder.  

Use your finger pad to take out the lens from eyes

Softly bring down the lens to the bottom of the eye after touching it. Slowly, pull it out of the eyes. 

  • Sometimes, individuals use suction cups to remove rigid contacts. Be careful to place a suction cup directly over the lens if you are employing this technique. Wash your lens with a contact lens solution after using the lens. 

lens solution

Inspect the lens for any damage

Lenses are easy to break since they are very soft around the edges. Torn lenses create discomfort in the eyes, which allows bacteria to settle in the damaged spot. To analyze the areas of dirty spots visible to you. 

  • If you find a tear in your lens, throw it away.
  • Like mascara, the spot may be present on your lens. This type of dirt can be cleared away by washing. However, a tear in the lens is hard to correct. 

Rubbing Your Contact Lenses to Remove Protein Deposits

Keep the contact lens on the palm of your hands. Lightly, lay it on your hand. The area that touches your eyeball should be kept upward. 

  • Your lens should look similar to a bowl. 

The lens should be cleaned by spraying contact solution

Wet both sides of the lens properly. However, drain some of the solutions so your lens can be cleaned appropriately without hindrance. 

Rub the lens by using finger

Shift the lens on your hands alternately, but both the hands and lens should be coated in contact solution. 

Wash the lens with lens cleaner one more time before keeping it in the case

Remove the dirt, impurities, and any protein deposits with the help of contact lens solution. Both sides of the lens should be washed with the solution. 

lens solution


Best contact lens solution

One of the best contact lens solution to clean and remove the protein deposits from lenses are:

Storing Your Lenses after Enzymatic clean

Keep the lens in its proper place in the case

It is better to keep your lenses isolated from each other. Your eye number for each eye may be different. Even still, with the same eye prescription, using the same lens for both eyes could cause an infection. 

Refill fresh contact solution each time

Submerged the lens completely in solution. Keep the solution just below the rim in the case. 

Soak the Rigid eye contacts overnight in a contact lens solution

They need more time to be soaked after every use than disposable lenses need to be kept. They need to be kept overnight, for 6 hours in the solution. Your lens can be disinfected properly in the solution at the appropriate time. 


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