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Milk thistle: Benefits and Uses

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Milk thistle, also known as Silybum Marianum is a kind of perennial herb that contains medicinal properties. Its seeds contain a group of compounds called silymarin that contains anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Milk thistle has been used as a home remedy for the treatment (detoxification) of liver problems.

So far, not much scientific evidence is available to support this notion. It may exhibit other benefits, but milk thistle does not produce any major effect on liver function.

Milk thistle uses and benefits

1.     Milk thistle for Liver Detoxification

Milk thistle is known to act as a liver cleanser by providing liver support and rebuilding cells of the liver. It is also known to remove toxins from the body and reduce liver damage.

Milk thistle is also helpful in reversing toxicity in the body naturally. It also targets heavy metals that come into the water supply, pesticides in foods, pollution in the air, and adverse effects of alcohol.

The liver is important for various functions such as detoxification. The blood condition of the body highly depends on liver health.

2.     Silymarin capsule for Cancer

The seed of Milk thistle is the best source of silymarin that is basically a flavonoid antioxidant. It is actually composed of different active compounds like flavolignans.

Silymarin is known to help in reducing the risk of cancer development, such as breast cancer. It works by fighting off DNA damage, reversing tumor growth, and boosting up the immune system. Additionally, some test-tube and animal studies also indicated that silymarin might also provide protection from other types of cancer such as prostate and lung cancer.

3.     Silymarin Lowers High Cholesterol

Milk thistle also promotes heart health and decrease high cholesterol levels. It does so by cleaning blood, decreasing inflammation, and inhibiting damage caused by oxidative stress within arteries.

More evidence is required in this area, but previous studies indicated that silymarin used in combination with other conventional treatment methods might help in improving cholesterol levels such as triglycerides and bad cholesterol (LDL).

4.     Milk thistle supplement for Diabetes

As per the NIH, some researches are available indicating that silymarin taking in combination with some traditional treatments may help in controlling type 2 diabetes symptoms by better regulating the blood sugar level.

Milk thistle contains some essential antioxidants that have been reported by some clinical studies to be important in lowering blood sugar levels in people having insulin resistance.

5.     Milk thistle Prevent Gallstones

The liver is one of the important digestive organs, which is known to help in the process of toxins and nutrients entrance inside the body through air, water, and food.

As different digestive organs such as the pancreas, kidneys, liver, gallbladder, and intestines function in collaboration to enhance liver health; milk thistle may help in preventing kidney stones and gallstones.

6.     Milk thistle tea has Anti-Aging Effects.

Due to the antioxidant property of milk thistle, it is helpful in slowing down the aging process as well. It works for the surface of the skin and of organs as well. These antioxidants provide protection from chronic diseases as well.

Some protective qualities provided by milk thistle help in decreasing aging signs on the skin. Consuming milk thistle may also contribute to preventing skin damage such as spots, discoloration, fine lines, acne, and wrinkles, and skin cancer.

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