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Tips to Keep Your Nails Strong

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There is some unique power in having strong and healthy nails, even if you do some nail painting, or choose nude nail colors, or even leave them polish-free. Having healthy nails is one type of uncommon confidence booster.

Even if your nail care is a type of indulgence activity, or some maintenance, or a self-care strategy, still keeping your nails healthy is one good investment.

Here is one big plus point that healthy nails do not require your money but just your time.

The best way to get stronger and healthier nails is by choosing simple habits that do not include some expensive nail tools.

By getting healthy nails, you need to have kicked out some unhealthy habits, like using your nails like a knife.

We consulted experts about some doable tips for nail health and also about the dos and don’ts of this routine. Just by following these steps, you will get longer and stronger nails than ever before.

1.     Moisturize nails

Moisturizing is one critical step in a skincare routine, but we tend to overlook it in terms of nail health. Due to dryness, nails become brittle.

It is extremely vital to consider moisturizing your nails. When you apply any hand lotion, make sure to give more attention to your nails.

There are various moisturizing products available for nail health. Applying moisturizer to your nails in one step, and there is a lot more to get stronger nails.

2.     Leave cuticles alone

People commonly try to cut or get rid of cuticles, but cuticles are not actually the problem. The cuticle is basically the natural protective covering of the nail.

Harming your cuticles can cost you a lot. A damaged cuticle can make your nails more susceptible to infections.

3.     Avoid contact with water

You cannot stop washing your hands, but do pay attention to the ways through which you may decrease the timing of the water contact to your nails as more water contact can make your nails weak.

Just like wet hair is one vulnerable situation, wet nails also have a similar case. It is better to put on gloves while taking a bath, doing dishes, or doing any other work that includes water contact.

4.     Be gentle

Be gentle about your nail care. Most people take the sharp pointy end of the filer and dig in their nails to take the dirt out of their nails.

This is not a good habit at all. It may separate the nail plate from its bed and can cause some bacterial or fungal infection.

5.     Treat nails like you treat your hair

It is the best rule that you can easily follow. Keep remembering that nails and hair are made of keratin proteins. It is evident that most of the rules apply to both of them.

Just like hydration is important for damaged hair like spilled ends, it is also best for brittle nails.

There are no specific rules for nail health, just like hair health has, but considering some rules as hard and fast about cleaning, washing, and taking care of your nails can actually help a lot in keeping them in good shape like your hair.

6.     Rethink your products

·         Nail polish remover:

Avoid using nail polish remover. But for most people, it is going to be hard to give up on it, so it is better to use some non-acetone removers containing hydrating oils and other essential ingredients.

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