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Tips to stay healthy in Summer

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There’s nothing better than summer to think about becoming the best version of yourself. To make your summer a success, follow some of the tips below.

1.     Sleep well

Insufficient sleep is associated with increased hunger, higher blood sugars, impaired concentration, frequent illness, and impaired problem-solving. Every night’s sleep must be minimum of 7 hours.

2.     Stay hydrate

Drinking enough water helps to stay hydrated and control your appetite. Adding lime slices, cucumbers, fruit juice, or fresh fruit will add a little flavor. Think creatively.

3.     Take Fiber

Nuts, grains, fruits, and vegetables are fiber-rich. By eating fiber, you will feel full for longer. Therefore you are less likely to overeat. Ensure you consume at least 25 grams of fiber daily.

4.     Avoid sugars

Don’t consume more sugar than six teaspoons a day (that’s not including natural sugars found in fruit and milk). It may not be possible to achieve this goal every day but aim for success at least 80% of the time.

Reserve these six teaspoons for a delicious dessert. The amount of added sugar found in one teaspoon is equal to four grams on labels.

5.     Avoid alcohol

Alcohol consumption too often may lead to unintended consequences. It causes us to make more poor food choices, as research indicates.

Mixed drinks contain more calories than alcohol, which is about 100 calories per serving. It is recommended women limit their drinking to one drink per day, and guys limit theirs to two drinks per day.

6.     Stay active

If you were ordered to stay at home, your exercise plans might have been tested. Be sure to stay on track with your exercise goals.

7.     Enjoy the weather

Several studies have shown that people with high blood pressure and heart rates benefit from spending time outside. Enjoy time spent outdoors.

8.     Gratitude

Consider what has brought you joy or good feelings each day. Gratitude and positivity can help you live a life full of health.

9.     Sunburn

Sunburn can be caused by prolonged and direct exposure to sunlight. Having damaged skin can lead to the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and sunspots early on, as well as the danger of acquiring skin cancer.

10. Wear sunscreen

Make sure you wear sunscreen every day with at least SPF 30! Regardless of whether you are just running errands or going for a walk, UV exposure rises by around 4% to 10% for every 1,000 feet above sea level.

Approximately halfway between Georgetown and sea level, UV radiation can be nearly 50 percent stronger at altitudes of 9,000 feet.

11. Good hygiene

Taking a cold shower, especially after coming in from the outside, can be a great way to regulate body temperature. As well as cooling the body, the body is also protected from bacteria and other contaminants.

Nevertheless, prevent food contamination by consistently washing your hands and disinfecting your eating and cooking utensils, including your workplace.

12. Beat the Heat and stay healthy

A good rule of thumb is to prevent instead of cure. When planning leisure and essential activities during the summer, understanding what risks to avoid-namely sun exposure and excessive heat-is crucial.

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