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Yoga Poses and Their Health Benefits

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For newbie’s in the yoga world, it will be quite frightening to watch some awkward poses such as lifting legs overhead.

There is nothing to be worried about! You can start with easy and simple yoga poses, which will provide you health benefits anyway.

Best yoga poses and health benefits

1.     Yoga Squat Pose on a Yoga mat (Strengthens the Lower Back)

The word “Asian squat” would be quite familiar to the people living in East Asia. This pose is added into yoga as well as it has got amazing health benefits.

It is also known as Malasana.

  • All you need to do is to stand straight with your feet being a little wider than your hips.
  • Then bend down over the knees until your hips go lower than the knees.
  • Keep your back straight and firm, and bring your arms at the front in a prayer-like position.
  • This malasana pose is very helpful in toning the belly, releasing tension from the hips and knees, and also in stretching the lower back area.

2.     Cat-Cow Pose (Improves Posture)

For this cat-cow pose, you need to sit on the mat with your knees in a position parallel to the hips underneath.

  • Keep your hands below your shoulders. Now, bend your back with the head, lift up your tailbone and chest wide open.
  • With the next breath, transform into the cow pose by bending the back upwards and lowering your head down.

This cat-cow pose helps in strengthening the neck, back, abdomen, and arms region and also aids in improving the overall balance and posture of the body.

3.     Downward Facing Dog (A Full-Body Rejuvenation)

It is one of the most best and famous yoga poses ever, which is quite effective in stretching and awakening of full body.

  • Start this pose with the plank position. Lift up the hips and extend your tailbone.
  • Keeps your whole body firm, including arms, legs, and head between your arms.

This well-known pose is very beneficial for your whole body. It helps in relieving back pain and making your hands and wrists stronger than ever.

It also reduces menstruation-related symptoms among women. And it also helps in preventing osteoporosis in females.

4.     Child’s Pose on a best yoga mat (Stretches the Lower Back)

This child pose will give you relief after an intense yoga session. This easy child pose has got tremendous benefits for your body.

  • Start this pose by moving your arms forward and keeping the knees apart.
  • Your toes should be touching each other and lower your thorax between your thighs. It will give you relaxation and is also good for stretching your shoulders and back.
  • It also widens the hips and can treat insomnia as well.

5.     Legs Up the Wall Pose (Reduces Insomnia)

This pose is going to benefit you a lot if you are having trouble sleeping.

  • For this, all your need to do is to lie down on your back with your legs in a position that is against the wall.
  • This easy pose will enable the flow of blood and other fluids in a direction that is opposite to gravity.
  • It can make your legs and reproductive organs refreshed.

This pose is also helpful in reducing insomnia, lowering blood pressure, and relieving headaches.

Mountain Pose (Improves Posture)

Mountain poses, which is also known as tadasana, is quite a simple pose, apparently, but it has got amazing benefits. It can provide some empowering effects to your body.

  • All you need to do is to stand tall with your legs positioned slightly apart. You can leave your hands hanging alongside the body or can lift them up overhead.
  • Keep your thigh muscles and belly firm and fully engaged in gaining the best results.

This easy pose will make your body refreshed, improve posture, increase strength, reduce tension, and improve blood circulation in the body.

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