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Vitamin C: 7 Amazing Benefits Of Vitamin C Supplements

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Vitamin C: 7 Amazing Benefits Of Vitamin C Supplements


A human body cannot make vitamin C itself because it is an essential vitamin, so you have to take it from diet or supplements. It performs many important roles in the body.

You can get Vitamin C through food like vegetables and fruits such as oranges, kiwi, broccoli, strawberries, and spinach. But if you have more deficiency of Vitamin C in your body, then you should take natural supplements as deficiency of vitamin C can cause severe disorders such as heart stroke, skin diseases, and weak immune system. 

The recommended amount of taking Vitamin C is 90 mg for men and 75 mg for women.

Liposomal vitamin C

Sunshine nutrition vitamin c tablets

It provides more vitamin C in the body, and it is scientifically proven that liposomal vitamin C is more effective than traditional vitamin C capsules
A liposome is small in size in form of bubbles and it protects vitamin C when it travels in the body.

Benefits of Vitamin C Supplements

1.  Vitamin C for Common Cold

In research, there is a solution that vitamin C plays an important role to cure very serious complications.

But when there is a matter of common cure, Vitamin C is not a treatment. But when we take vitamin C for flu and cold, it helps reduce the more complicated diseases like lung infection and pneumonia.

2.  Vitamin C for Stroke

The research has proven that study from an American journal has proven that the people who have more concentration of vitamin c in their blood have a 42 percent less stroke rate than the people who have less concentration.

From this study, it has been proven that people who eat more fruits and vegetables have more concentration of vitamin C.

3.  Vitamin C is good for the Skin 

Vitamin C is an important supplement to treat many skin disorders like acne, wrinkles, and rashes. Its antioxidant property can be advantageous when it comes to aging.

The research finds a relationship between skin-aging women and nutrients aged 40-74. It has been proved that people who have more intake of vitamin C have a less wrinkled appearance, better appearance of the skin, and dryness of the skin. Research has proved that Vitamin C is an important supplement for reducing skin aging or wrinkles.

4.  Vitamin C for High Blood Pressure

It is used to reduce hypertension (High Blood pressure problems). It lowers the high levels of cholesterol and sugar in the body and prevents you from many chronic diseases like heart attack and stroke.

5.  Vitamin C for Heart Disease and Cancer

Vitamin C has more properties to deal with cancer and heart diseases. There are a lot of misperceptions that have been fueled by the properties of vitamin C antioxidants.

The research is saying that the antioxidant property of vitamin C can treat diseases such as reducing the stress of cancer and heart diseases. No proof has been taken from studies that vitamin C can directly pressurize the risk.

6.  Vitamin C for Bacterial infection (tetanus)

It has been proven that if children take vitamin C with their conventional treatment of tetanus, they reduce the risk of death.

7.  Vitamin C for Pneumonia

According to research and studies, Vitamin C helps to reduce the stress of pneumonia and the duration in which it develops. 

The people who have low vitamin C inside their body, this effect has a greater effect there. 

Best vitamin C supplements

There are different forms of Vitamin C present on the market. Vitamin C comes in the form of ascorbic acid in supplements. Many of the supplements contain bioflavonoids with vitamin C.

NIH recommended all forms of Vitamin C because these are similarly advantageous.

There are some best ways to take Vitamin C such as;

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