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BCAA: Overview, Benefits & Risks

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BCAA has become quite a popular protein supplement, especially in the fitness industry. Here you will get to know everything about this magical supplement.

BCAAs consist of the three most vital branched-chain amino acids, including valine, isoleucine, and leucine.

These amino acids are known to be unique, and they play important roles in metabolic functioning.

The benefits provided by these amino acids include building muscles, burning fat, and promoting the overall growth of the body.

Benefits of BCCAs

Let’s explore more about BCAAs and how they provide amazing health benefits. 

1.     BCCA pre-workout

BCAAs are known to reduce physical and mental exhaustion during exercise. Some human studies found that BCAAs taken during exercise contributed to 15% lesser fatigue as compared to the placebo group.

One study indicated that high fatigue resistance contributed to allowing 17% more exercising capacity in the BCCA group as compared to the placebo group.

2.     BCCA supplement relieves muscle pain

BCAAs help in reducing muscle soreness after a workout. They work by decreasing the levels of critical enzymes, including lactate dehydrogenase, creatine, and kinase, which cause muscle damage.

It allows the protection of muscles against damage and also promotes fast recovery. In many studies, participants were asked to report muscle soreness after tough training sessions.

3.     BCCA powder increases muscle mass

BCAA supplements are widely taken to build up muscles. Leucine specifically triggers a pathway that is involved in muscle protein synthesis.

They also activate muscle-building enzymes, as per some studies. Some studies indicated that BCAA supplements play a role in creating muscle mass, especially in the case of having high proportions of leucine.

However, it is not evident so far that taking BCAAs supplements is more beneficial than consuming them from diet or taking some other protein supplement.

4.     BCCA for weight loss

BCCAs are known to aid in weight loss by promoting fat loss. Some observational studies have reported that people who take about 15g of BCAAs every day from the dietary source have a 30% low risk of being obese or overweight as compared to those who consume 12g per day.

It is noteworthy here that people who took fewer amounts of BCAAs were also taking less than 20g of proteins per day, which may have altered the results.

BCAAs contribute to getting rid of extra fat if you want to lose weight.

Best BCCA supplements

Some of the best-branched chain amino acids supplements are:

  • Xtend bcaa
  • Muscle core bcaa

Side effects of BCCA supplements

There are some side effects of BCCA such as:

· Diabetes

Some researches indicated that high BCAA levels might increase the risk of type 2 diabetes. It is unclear that if they interfere in insulin resistance or not.

· Liver problems

One study conducted in 2016 suggested a possible link between increased BCAAs levels and liver injury and nonalcoholic liver disease.

· Heart disease

One review conducted in 2018 suggested that increased levels of BCAAs may increase the risk of heart disease.

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