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Brain Exercises: How to Improve Your Memory?

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Mental exercises are a useful source of improving the memory of people, but those games which people play on their phones don’t speed up the working of their brain.

When kids or adults choose cell phone apps for the purpose of sharpening their brain, then it means they are choosing the wrong path for the fitness of their brain because instead of sharpening the mental activity of people, these kinds of phone apps trap the people within the limited world of cell phones.

Exercise and dojo, both are the requirements that people can perform for the fitness of their brain and memory.

People should do mental exercises, which aid in increasing their focus and improving their capability of association.

There are many ways of sharpening the functionality of the brain. According to studies, a healthy style of living and doing some mental and bodily work out is the ideal formulation for strengthening the mental ability of people.

Brain Exercises and Tips for improving memory

Following some ways are useful for enhancing your memory and mental ability.

1.     Test your recall

In order to learn the material, first, you can make a list of those items which you want to memorize.  After an hour, recall those items to test your retention span. To test your mental capability, you can gradually increase the difficulty level of items.

2.     Let the music play

As per research evidence, when people learn something difficult and new, then their mind gets mature. So, for increasing the working ability of your mind, you can join a musical class.

3.     Do math in your head

In place of using a calculator, pencil or paper, you can use your brain for solving difficult mathematical tasks. If you further want to enhance your mental skills, then you can walk and use your brain for solving difficult tasks side by side.

4.     Take a cooking class

Cooking is a useful source that activates all of your five senses, and for utilizing these senses, the brain works at its peak. So, you can join a cooking course for activating your senses and eventually your brain.

5.     Learn a foreign language

You can improve your vocabulary skills by learning a new language. Studies highlight this point that those people who learn new languages have fewer chances of deterioration in their cognitive ability.

6.     Create word pictures

People can create a picture of the spelling of a word in their mind, and then they can create other words which start or end with the same two letters of the word.

7.     Draw a map from memory

When you return to your residence from a new place, then you can make a map of those areas which you have visited, this will improve your memorization skills. If you further want to improve your mental capacity, then keep repeating this procedure whenever you visit a new place.

8.     Challenge your taste buds

When you are having a meal, then for improving your focus, try to feel the taste of each spice and herb present in that meal.

9.     Refine your hand-eye coordination

Adopt a novel interest in enhancing your fine motor ability such as, such as drawing, knitting, solving a puzzle and painting.

10.   Learn a new sport

Individuals can learn new athletic skills for improving their body and mind coordination, for example, tennis, yoga and golf.

11.   Meditate

Meditation is an exercise that people have been using for years, and in recent days this technique has gained much more attention.

It is a very effective brain exercise. Many healthcare professionals, businessmen and psychologists are using mindfulness (which is the form of meditation). This old Buddhist custom has many benefits for the brain’s health of individuals.

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