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How To Use An Infrared Thermometer Gun?

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The infrared thermometer gun is any laser thermometer used to measure body temperature. The infrared thermometer that gives reliable measurement is manufactured by a company with lots of experience in measuring temperatures.

Your decision either to buy or not to buy a thermometer should rely on the accuracy and affordable prices that the manufacturer offers.

An infrared thermometer gun has become the ideal thermometer for taking surface temperatures that are needed to be measured from distance.

These devices provide accurate temperatures without any physical contact with the item or person. With the outbreak of COVID-19, the use of thermometer guns has increased broadly to avoid physical contact.

The use of infrared thermometer guns has become common in many public institutions and businesses for scanning people to detect the earliest symptoms of viral infection – elevated body temperature. 

Infrared Thermometer Gun

An infrared thermometer gun can be very useful to measure body temperature when used in the right way.

Thermometer guns are considered inaccurate and unreliable because of operator mistakes. Accordingly, you need to understand their limitations to obtain accurate measurements.

Inaccuracies include misinterpretations of readings and operating errors. Inaccurate readings are due to some reasons such as a lack of knowledge on how to use thermometer guns properly.

Inaccuracies in infrared thermometers are due to the following reasons as well:

1. Not Following the infrared thermometer instruction

Maintain a proper distance between the thermometer gun and the person or also maintain a distance in the object to obtain accurate measurements. Meanwhile, Thermometer guns should not be too close or too far away.

2. Subject to Environmental Influences

Environmental influences such as Rain, frost, smoke, and other particles in the air can affect surface temperatures. Rapid changes in the ambient room temperature can also give inaccurate readings.

Interference of radio frequency and electromagnetic fields can also cause inaccurate readings.

3. Only Accurate for Reading Surface Temperature

Infrared thermometer guns can be used to measure the surface temperature of the skin. Infrared thermometer guns can also give inaccurate readings due to fluctuations in room temperature. Moreover, these guns do not measure the internal temperature of the person.

4. Needs Skilled Adjustment

Thermometer guns are non-contact thermometers. So, according to the surface type, these guns need to be adjusted to read the temperatures.

5. Not Transparent to Glass and Other Substances

Infrared Thermometer guns are not capable of reading temperatures through glass, liquids, and other transparent materials. In such cases, they scan the surface temperature of the barrier instead of the targeted person or item.

Indian guy got inspected by infrared thermometer

How Well Do Infrared Thermometer Guns Work for COVID-19?

The Infrared thermometer guns can be very useful for scanning people in crowded places such as schools, public events, airports, hospitals, hotels, and other places where people gather.

You can get a quick idea by scanning people to detect the earliest symptoms of COVID-19 Coronavirus – elevated body temperature.

A restaurant server that is chosen to screen customers can cause unnecessary concern. This inaccurate scanning can ostracize a perfectly healthy person and lead to quarantine and other treatment measures that are not needed.

The decision cannot only be made on the temperature. If you get a high reading, it is necessary to ask questions to determine other symptoms of the virus.

Best Infrared Thermometer 

A high-quality infrared thermometer gun chosen from a reliable company and a well-trained operator who follows the recommended practices can give accurate and reliable readings.

Trister Thermometer

A Trister thermometer is one of the best-infrared forehead thermometers. It has many advanced features such as;

  • It is a non-contact thermal thermometer, for example, there is no need to touch the thermometer with humans or objects.
  • Quick and easy to use.
  • An infrared thermometer provides better accuracy.
  • It comes in a versatile design.

You can buy the best infrared and forehead thermometer from the Life Pharmacy store.

The infrared thermometer gun has the following advantages:

  1. It is very easy to use, compact as well as lightweight.
  2. Fast scanning of large gatherings.
  3. Additionally, it can be used for various applications.
  4. Ability to measure the temperature without touching a contagious surface or person.
  5. Great for measuring temperatures of uncooperative targets – such as pets, infants, small children, etc.
  6. Besides, it is an important resource for many places like hospitals, airports, schools, etc.

The infrared thermometer gun has the following disadvantages:

  1. Unnoticed environmental conditions can fluctuate the readings.
  2. Inaccurate readings are usually caused by an inexperienced operator.
  3. More chances of causing false readings that can greatly inconvenience people.
  4. In the same way, the likelihood of quarantining people who are not sick.
  5. On the whole, it requires a learning curve to avoid operational errors.

Proper Ways to Use an Infrared Thermometer Gun

The infrared thermometer gun for body temperature is one that is manufactured by a reliable company with experience in manufacturing thermometers. Avoid price gouging by buying directly from the manufacturer.

For example, a thermometer from a reliable company has an affordable price range, is highly accurate, and can be explicitly used for measuring body temperatures and even taking the surface temperatures of cooked foods.

The following is the step-by-step guide on how to use a thermometer gun correctly:


Set the Reading to Celsius or Fahrenheit 

You can move the toggle switch easily to change your measurement to Celsius or Fahrenheit.

Set the Measurement Unit

Choose what kind of reading you are doing to take – body temperature, food, etc.

Turn on the Laser Gun

Turn on the power button on the gun for use.

Aim the Gun

Aim the gun at the target – a person or object. Make sure there is nothing between the gun and target.

Get Close

Get close to the person or object – between one and two feet.

Pull the Trigger

Pull the trigger to get an instant infrared reading on the gun’s display.


girl getting her temperature measured by thermometer

The Right Environment to Use an Infrared Thermometer Gun

According to temperature-taking experts, the proper environmental conditions are necessary to get accurate readings by thermometer guns.

These guns only measure surface temperatures. Thus, they do not give accurate internal temperatures. The appropriate environment for using a thermometer gun includes:

1. Indoor Environments

Radiofrequency and electromagnetic field interference can cause inaccurate readings. Thus, infrared thermometer guns work best in areas free of radio frequencies, electromagnetic equipment, and low or high internal temperatures.

2. Mild or Controlled Environments

Moisture, smoke, dust, frost, and other particles in the air may cause inaccurate readings. The infrared thermometer guns give accurate readings where there is little or no moisture, frost, dust, smoke, and other particles in the air.

3. Areas Free of Barriers

Thermometer guns are not capable of reading temperatures through liquids, glass, plastic, or any transparent surface.

4. Fast Temperature Changes

Rapid temperature fluctuations are not appropriate for the use of infrared thermometer guns. Any area where the temperatures fall and rise quickly can give inaccurate readings.

5. Close Operation

Maintaining a proper distance between the thermometer gun and the person or object is necessary to obtain accurate measurements. You must be close to the target. Thermometer guns should not be too tight or too far away.

In a controlled environment, taking the body temperature of the forehead is the best way to get an accurate reading using a thermometer gun.

Make Sure You’ve Got the Right Infrared Thermometer Gun

Before measuring the body temperature with an infrared thermometer, make sure you have the right one. For medical purposes, high-quality infrared thermometers are used to obtain accurate and quick readings.

FDA-certified infrared thermometers are also considered high-quality thermometers. 

While selecting your infrared thermometer gun, you must consider the response time. Quick response time helps your thermometer gun to obtain the body temperature more immediately.

Fast response time leads to an accurate reading. Choose the appropriate infrared thermometer gun with a fast response time usually fewer than 1.5 seconds.  

Best infrared thermometers are also available on Life Pharmacy’s website and stores. 

After making sure you have got the right thermometer gun, then follow the given instructions to use the gun accurately for measuring the body temperature.

Read the Instruction Manual Carefully

Read the instruction manual carefully before using your infrared thermometer gun. Accordingly, make sure you know all the functionality and specifications.

For efficient reading, it is necessary to be familiar with the specifications and functionality of these guns.

The infrared Thermometer Gun Must be Clean and Dry

Before using the thermometer gun, make sure it is dry and clean. The infrared thermometer gun should be free of moisture, dust, frost, dirt, and smoke.

Keeping the thermometer dry and clean is necessary for getting accurate temperature readings. Specifically, Infrared thermometer guns give inaccurate readings in the presence of dirt and moisture.

Before using an infrared thermometer gun, it is better to clean it. Otherwise, you will get an inaccurate body temperature.

How to clean your infrared thermometer?

Use a cotton swab or a lithe cloth with water to clean the infrared thermometer. You can also use alcohol to clean it.

While cleaning, it is better to wipe the lens first and then wipe the main body of the infrared thermometer.

Dry the thermometer completely before using it. 



An infrared thermometer is an effective tool for measuring the human body temperature accurately and meanwhile immediately without any physical contact with the targeted item or person.

Currently, in the outbreak of novel coronavirus, infrared thermometers have been broadly used to screen a large number of people in public areas to obtain non-contaminated, fast, and precise temperature measurements.

A complete guide about how to use an infrared thermometer is in focus. Before using an infrared thermometer, it is necessary to make all the necessary preparations.

While using it, adjust all the settings to the optimal state and point to the optimal body part. You should keep it close to the target. 

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