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Men Hair Product: Clay, Pomade, Gel or Cream?

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From the time you were a teenager, if you have used the same hair care products, it is time to change the product even if your style has not changed. The perfect product can change your hair from good to excellent.


What pomade Does: Various shapes of styling are obtained by using this classic men’s styling product, available in different weights and used to shape the hair.

The Hair Pomade can be used for any hair type, but texture and quantity should also be considered. A good rule is to get a lighter product if you have more hair.

The Style: This product is perfect for short hairs requiring more control, while guys with longer or medium-length hair can use it for messy hair. The matte product should be used for omitting shine from the product.

Best pomade for men


What wax Does: Wax gives the hair the most control out of all products that keep the hair in place all day. It has an oily texture with a thick consistency that holds hair in place and may require some effort to properly wash it out.

The Hair: This item is good to manage coarse or close-textured hair and is also used as a spot treatment for hair types that have cowlicks and flyaways.

The Style: Wax is a great product to control long, coarse hair and also to form styles like slick side parts.

Best pomade for men


What clay Does: Clay provides the hair with a rough, lived-in look, used for styling hair with its matte consistency, just like pomade.

The Hair: This item is used for oily hair especially when a person wants good control of their hair minus the shine that comes with hair products. Because of its dry texture, it is used for short to medium-length hair.

The Style: Just a little amount of clay is perfect for achieving a messy, relaxed look of your hair. Avoid using it for the crisp part.

Best clay for men


What paste Does: Paste is creamier in consistency and provides lighter control. It is not like gel, wet or slippery, but is stickier when felt in hand.

The Hair: For medium hair, the paste is great in order to have some control. It also helps to increase the volume of thin hairs for guys.

The Style: To get a styled but not shellacked look, use the paste on the hair. The grittiness of clay is not found in this item and helps to give shine and volume.


What cream Does: Creams have the ability to control and hold, but this ability is limited. Using it gives the hair a proper look with control on fuzzy hair, moisturizing the hair but minus the wet look.

The Hair: For those having dry, thinning or curly hair, creams are perfect for them to give them moisture. Hairs are moisturized in this way, and also the cream offers protection.

The Style: For those with long hair, creams are perfect for them as they are light and have moisture in them.

Best hair cream for men


What gel Does: Gel is known for its shine and control. This is the reason that the hair is controlled through slicking, spiking and shellacking. It acts like glue; by using it, everything settles and stays in place.

The Hair: New gels are more docile as compared to old ones as they are specifically designed to control medium length hair as compared to the flexibility offered by paste or cream. For those with curly hair, it is best to use the gel as it gives good control.

The Style: Flexible hold gels should be used on wet and blown-dry skin, so they do not form crunchy or shiny. The best hair length is medium so that they are easy to handle and shape without the additional worry of hair fall.

Best gel for men

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