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Sun Protection Range-High Demand in UAE

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Summer is a time for beach days, pool parties, and vacations. It’s also a great time for a skin care makeover. Longer hours of daylight and hot, humid weather can affect our skin differently.  It may lead to a dull look and tan as well.

Skin pampering is mandatory during this time. Here we are giving best advices from experts to protect your skin and live healthy skin in UAE.

Wear sunscreen and refraining from over-showering are the important tips

Apply sunscreen often

  1. Sunscreen with minimum of SPF30.
  2. Tinted Sunscreen may do the dual job of a foundation and sunprotection.
  3. Apply before 20 minutes of sun exposure.
  4. Repeat it every 4 hours incase of prolonged sun exposure.
  5. Even if you are in front of Laptop screen, you have to wear sunscreen.

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What is SPF?

SPF or Sun Protector Factor, measures how much solar energy is required to cause a sun burn, when you are wearing sunscreen comparing to unprotected skin, a skin with SPF with minimum of 30% prevents 95% of UV rays and if it is 50% SPF it prevents 98% of UV rays.

How often should I apply sunscreen?

‘Wear Sunscreen 365 days a year’

Whether you’re spending the afternoon in the sun or not, make sure you’re applying enough sunscreen for it to actually be effective

Your skin tone shouldn’t decide how much sunscreen you wear. Everyone, regardless of skin color, should apply an adequate amount of sunscreen to ensure full protection.

Always remember to reapply the sunscreen, Aim for every 2 hour if you are outside. It also takes about 20 minutes for a sunscreen to work.

Protect your Lips during summer

Sudden changes in temperature can make your lips dry: The sudden and drastic change in temperature is quite detrimental to the health of our lips. For this reason, carrying a lip balm that nourishes and soothes our lips is extremely essential.

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How do I protect myself from the harmful effects of the sun?

  1. Avoid sun from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm
  2. Wear sunglasses that filter UV light
  3. Wear protective clothes such as long-sleeved dresses and long pants etc.

If you spend outside, don’t forgot to reapply the sunscreen in every 2 hours and switch to higher SPF like 50% or more if you plan to spend more stretches of time in the sun.

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