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How and When to use hand sanitizer?

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Hand sanitizer is also known as hand antiseptic, or hand rub. It is properly applied to the hands to remove the pathogens that can cause different diseases. 

Hand sanitizers are present in the form of sanitizer liquid or sanitizer gel. It is recommended to use hand sanitizer only when soap or water is not available for washing hands or if you have a skin problem in washing the hands again and again. 

Hand sanitizers have variable effectiveness in controlling the infections and pathogens in different settings like schools, hospitals, day-care centers, health care centers, supermarkets and in homes also. 

Types of Hand Sanitizers

Hand sanitizer is classified into two types depends on the active ingredient used in them.

1.     Hand Sanitizer with Alcohol 

Alcohol sanitizer contains 60% to 95% of alcohol, and the form of alcohol is isopropyl alcohol, ethanol, or n-propanol. At 60 to 95% concentration, alcohol can kill different types of microorganisms present on hands. 

2.     Hand Sanitizer without Alcohol

Alcohol-free hand sanitizer is based on antimicrobial agents or disinfectants like BAC (Benzalkonium chloride).

The activity of microbial agents and disinfectants is persistent and immediate. Most the hand sanitizers also contain glycerin which helps to smooth the skin and leave the fragrance. 

Effectiveness of Best Hand Sanitizer

The effects of using the best hand sanitizers based on different factors like how you applied it and the infectious agents present on the hands of the person are susceptible to hand sanitizer or not.

According to the recommendation, rub the hand sanitizer for at least 30 seconds and also in between the fingers. Complete dry of the sanitizer can reduce the number of bacteria, pathogens, fungi, and other viruses.

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Hand Sanitizers are drugs. 

Hand sanitizers are manufactured under the supervision of the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). If you want to use alcohol based hand sanitizers then carefully read the instructions and labels of FDA. 

  • Do not store the hand sanitizers after expiration date and keep it out the reach of pets and children.
  • Do not drink the sanitizers. Supervise the kids and toddlers who can be attracted by the smell or color of the sanitizer. It can cause alcohol poisoning in kids if they ingest it by mistake.
  • During the COVID-19 pandemic, there is an increase in the number of cases of ingesting the hand sanitizers, especially by children, so it is important to supervise your children.
  • Supervise your pets like cats and do not allow them to ingest sanitizer. It can lead to death or alcohol poisoning also. 
  • Hand sanitizer is a fire catcher so you should place it away from fire, especially kitchen. 

When to use Hand Sanitizer Gel? 

Use the hand sanitizer;

  • First, when you are going to visit your friend or going to the hospital, use the hand sanitizer when you came back home.
  • Second, If you visit the person who is infected with Clostridiodes difficile, then wash hands instead of using a hand sanitizer. 
  • Third, when the soaps or water is not available, then you can use the sanitizer. Otherwise, you should prefer to wash your hands with water and soap.

How to Properly Use Hand Sanitizer Gel

When you use the hand sanitizer gel, its effectiveness is based on the different factors like how much you use the sanitizer, or how you use it, or the consistency in using the hand sanitizer. 

Some of the situations in which you should use hand sanitizer are public transports, when you shake a hand or touch the hand of someone else, when you touch any animal like cat or dog, or when you touch the grocery cart, and other things. 

Use the hand sanitizer properly:

  • Firstly, place the amount of sanitizer in the palm of the hand. Use only recommended amount.
  • Secondly, read the manufactures instruction on the hand sanitizer.
  • Thirdly, rub your hands, and cover it on your entire hand and especially in between your fingers.
  • Finally, when you feel that your skin is dry stop rubbing the hands. 

If you are using alcohol sanitizer then you should be careful that children do not use it. Keep it out the read of the kids as it can be dangerous for them. The high content of alcohol can react to their skin, or if they do not know how to use it, then it can be fatal

Use the Right Amount of Sanitizer

The most common mistake that people make is they use too little sanitizer, and the reason can be that the dispenser is not providing enough sanitizer in one squeeze. 

WHO recommends that you should use a coin-sized amount of hand sanitizer. You can understand in this way that you should use a hand sanitizer that will cover your both hands properly and in between your fingers also, just like you use the soap while washing hands.

how to use a hand sanitizer

Benefits of using a Hand Sanitizer Gel

Hand sanitizers help you to prevent different types of pathogens and bacteria present in the environment like offices, public transports, or schools. 

The major benefits of using Hand sanitizers are:

1. Stop the spread of infections and germs.

According to research and recent studies, it is showed that one in five people do not wash their regularly, and 70% of the people do not use soap while washing hands. 

These types of people can use hand sanitizers in bathrooms or kitchens, so it will help them to kill harmful pathogens and bacteria.

2. Good hygiene and Health

A healthy lifestyle and living are must for all. According to research in the American Journal, it is showed that encouraging the children to use hand sanitizers at school time reduces the risk of infections and diseases by 20%.

3. Reduction in Waste

Due to increase in population globally, people use paper towels and do not discard them properly and also leave the doors open while leaving the kitchen and bathrooms. 

Using the hand sanitizers help the people to protect themselves from infections without spreading the waste and making a mess. 

Choosing the Best Hand Sanitizer Gel

Because of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), it is hard to find the right-hand sanitizer due to many new brands and companies. You can see new brands in the stores. You should read the labels on hand sanitizers before putting in your cart. 

Buy the sanitizer which contains at least 60% of the alcohol. 

One of the best Hand Sanitizers are;

Hand Sanitizer Price 

You can buy the best hand sanitizers from Pharmacy store and the price of hand sanitizer is very affordable.

· Read the labels

FDA recommended that you should choose the hand sanitizers that do not contain methanol because it is a substance that can react to your skin while rubbing hands. Some of the sanitizers are labelled that they contain ethanol, but in reality, it is methanol

For this purpose, you can use the FDA database to ensure that you are using the hand sanitizer of the approved brand. 

· FDA approved Hand Sanitizers

While choosing the hand sanitizer, you should check whether it is FDA approved or not. 

· Homemade Hand Sanitizer

FDA does not recommend the homemade sanitizers because these are not made properly. It can be harmful to your skin and ineffective

When can you not use the Hand Sanitizer?

  • You can wash the hands with soap.
  • Your hands are too dirty or greasy.
  • If you have chemicals on hands.
  • If you are exposed to infectious agents that cannot be killed by sanitizers. 
  • You are in a highly infectious environment.

If you want to keep yourself and your family healthy and stay away from infections and diseases, then you should frequently wash your hands, especially when you are preparing or eating the food. 

You should wash your hands for at least 20 seconds and several times a day.

Storing hand Sanitizer

Due to COVID-19 pandemic, you may be using the hand sanitizers more than usual. 

Sanitizers do not have a shelf life because of alcohol content. You cannot use it when it approaches the expiration date. If you know that your hand sanitizer is expired then dispose of it immediately and buy a new one. 

Place your sanitizer in a dry and cool area. Avoid exposure to sunlight or heat repeatedly. 

Keep your hand sanitizer out of the heat or where there is a risk of combustion because alcohol can catch fire and explosion can occur. 

Hand Sanitizer Safety

Follow the tips to avoid any irritation or reaction;

  • Do not ingest the sanitizer in any case. 
  • Keep the sanitizer out of the reach of kids.
  • Place it in a dry area.
  • Do not touch your eyes, face, or nose after using it immediately. 
  • After using it, do not go near the fire or flames immediately.

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