Airplus Extreme Active Gel Insole Men's

AED 63.00
  • This insole is lighter weight and more breathable than solid gel insoles.
  • Full-length insole cushions and supports your heel, arch, and ball-of-foot.
  • Gel arch support increases stability and comfort.
  • Dual color gel at impact zones - Ball-of-foot and heel.

Airplus Extreme Active Gel Insole is a full-length full-cushion insole. The insole is lightweight utilizing a flexible footplate supporting and cushioning the entire foot. Dual-density gel creates heel stability and arch support. The insole also utilizes our unique 3 layer construction.

The Airplus Extreme Active Gel Insole absorbs shock with every step. Its lightweight and breathable design fits into any shoe, providing your feet with cushioning and support all day long.

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