Duphalac Syrup Sticks 667 Mg/ml 20'S 15ml/Sachet

AED 34.00
  • Lactulose
  • Prebiotic
  • Constipation gently in all patients
  • Non-habit-forming
  • Suitable for pregnant
  • Mothers
  • Children and the Elderly
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Duphalac is prebiotic laxative and solves #constipation

1) Leads to healthy #stool #softening with the unique physiological mode of action

2) Provides healthy #bowel #regulation

3) Supportive of a healthy intestinal balance with prebiotic effect- enriches friendly #bifidus #bacteria for a favorable balance of #intestinal #flora

4) Taste like honey and no preservatives

5) Non-habit forming, it won't cause dependency


Infant under 1 yr:5ml

Children 1-6 yrs: 5ml-10ml

Children 7-14 yrs: 10-15ml

Adult and Adolescents: 15-45ml

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