Eucarbon Tablet 30's

AED 29.49

Eucarbon is a natural herb and mineral-based agent used to regulate your intestinal tract and to alleviate digestive distress.

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Eucarbon is a mild laxative with prominent regulatory properties to the intestinal functions. Eucarbon contains natural vegetable ingredients which are completely safe. In the intestine, charcoal adsorbs metabolic & bacterial toxins. Eucarbon is an effective anti-gas medication that significantly reduces symptoms of bloating & abdominal discomfort. The addition of Senna & rhubarb hastens the elimination of the charcoal-toxins complex & reduces intestinal desorption of the drug. The essential oils of peppermint & fennel are aromatic carminative that relieves flatulence. In addition, peppermint oil exerts a muscle relaxant activity that alleviates intestinal colic. On the other hand, the essential oils have a choleretic effect & disinfectant properties.

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