Geratherm Basal Ovulation Thermometer Mercury Free

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Geratherm Basal Ovulation Thermometer Mercury Free

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Geratherm Basal Ovulation Thermometer Mercury Free

The mercury-free thermometer, Geratherm basal, has been developed by Geratherm Medical AG and contains a  patented liquid alloy consisting of gallium, indium, and tin €“ called Galinstan.
Galinstan is completely non-toxic and environment-friendly. The measuring fluid Galinstan must not be brought into contact with precious or light metals since it reacts with these metals. Glass thermometers containing Galinstan must not be stored at temperatures lower than €“15 °C or higher than +39 °C.

Directions of Use:

1. Before taking the patient€™s temperature, check whether the column of liquid is below the first numbered line
(36 °C).
2. Clean the glass thermometer before and after each use. In doing so, please pay attention to the €œNotes on
Cleaning€� below.
3. Position the thermometer on the body according to the method of measurement to be used (axillary, rectal or
4. After about 4 min the thermometer will have reached the body temperature. The temperature can be read off
by rotating the thermometer gently to and fro. The measuring fluid in the glass capillary of the thermometer
shows the measured body temperature on the temperature scale.
5. After measuring, the liquid must be returned to the bottom of the scale. To do this, hold the thermometer as
close as possible to the upper end and shake it with 15 to 20 rapid wrist movements.

SKU: 102440

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