Loyon 15ml Solution

AED 80.00
Loyon is a unique, patented combination of the dry emollient Cetiol CC and the medical silicone oil Dimeticon. The compound together gives Loyon a low surface tension as well as high creep and spreading properties. The liquid is therefore very easily applied and allows a gentle yet effective lifting of scales.

Loyon is a certified Class IIa medical device with purely physical method of action. It is applied externally onto dry skin and doesn€™t burn, stick or smell. The new keratolytic agent is therefore especially easy to apply. It removes scales especially gently, eg; for use in the treatment of psoriasis or atopic dermatitis, and is also suitable for use during pregnancy, for babies or elderly patients.

Cradle cap is a skin condition which affects around 10% of babies and usually appears within the first three months of the infant€™s life. Scales and crusts which are yellow to red are formed on the scalp and may spread to the nape of the neck or even the face. The crusts resemble burnt milk; this is where the term milk scurf comes from. As a general rule, cradle cap is harmless. Treatment is advisable especially when the liquid underneath the scales accumulates, causing severe itching, often combined with an unpleasant smell. Treatment prevents scratching and therefore injury to the skin and resulting infection. Loyon is suitable for lifting the crusts by massaging it gently into the baby€™s or toddler€˜s scalp in the evening. On the following day, Loyon can be washed off with a mild shampoo.

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