Ogx Moroccan Argan Oil shampoo 13 Oz

AED 51.45
  • Blend of Moroccan argan oil that penetrates, moisturizes, renews, and creates softness and strengthens the hair.
  • It protects the hair from harmful heat and UV damage.

Argan Oil for hair  

Organix Renewing Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo is a unique blend of Moroccan argan oil, immediately penetrates the shaft of the hair, resulting in strengthening the hair while being shiny and soft.

Argan Oil Shampoo for hair strengthening 

The formula enriched with argan oil lathers in your hair to help you strengthen and restore moisture. The shampoo is free from any parabens, sulfates and shields the hair from the heat of styling instruments.

Hydrating shampoo 

With this Moroccan shampoo Argan oil, hydrate, fix and refresh dry hair. This hydrating shampoo, free of parabens, manages to keep tresses radiant, silky and smooth.

Soft, silky and smooth hair 

The shampoo designed helps to refresh and soothe hair with penetration of moisture in the strands. It also enhances elasticity and strength while producing delicate, touching tresses.

Hair protection 

It guards your hair against the damage of harmful heat and UV. Argan oil is extracted from Morocco’s southwest area; the shampoo protects your hair from the heat that is produced from the styling instruments and UV damage, letting you create a smooth, soft silky look. 

How to use it? 

Shampoo should be applied to damp hair; massage the shampoo gently in your head till creating lather and work it till the end of your hair. The hair should be rinsed thoroughly. Make sure to apply conditioner after you rinse the shampoo. 


Kindly refrain from the shampoo from the area of the eyes. If shampoo happens to touch the area of the eye, rinse it immediately. To have better results, use it in combination with other products of OGX.

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