Oxy Shot Sports

AED 246.75
Sports Oxyshot is a "New Generation" Oxygen Supplement. Its unique bio-electrical manufacturing process makes the oxygen stable in the solution.
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"Oxygen Debt" is now a significant issue with sports people. Physical Stress consumes large quantities of oxygen and, therefore, reduces the supply to numerous cells and tissues throughout the body. Australians are renowned worldwide for their high participation rates and achievements in sport, and for their strong anti-drug stance. Proper oxygenation allows the body to produce and supply ATP to the muscles, giving them strength and elasticity. A lack of oxygen (hypoxia) causes the body to produce an oxygen-deficient form of ATP called lactic acid. This reduces the efficiency of muscles and can lead to cramps, pulls, strains, etc. Sports OxyShot is 100% Australian owned and manufactured. Testimonials on Sports Oxyshot.

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