Sona Pregnaplan 30's Capsules

AED 115.50
Sona PregnaPlan capsules have been specially formulated so mothers-to-be can safeguard their dietary requirements without confusion about which supplements to take. Sona PregnaPlan is a carefully balanced nutritional supplement formulated for use before, during and after pregnancy.
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Sona PregnaPlan products are recommended before, during and after pregnancy because optimal nutrition is important: Before you become pregnant: Ideally, you should start taking PregnaPlan 14 weeks prior to conception, to help safeguard your nutritional needs. Throughout the whole of your pregnancy: When specific nutrients are vital to the healthy development of your baby. Throughout breastfeeding: When extra demands are placed on your body. A good supply of nutrients assists in the production of nutritious breast milk, and also helps to replace a mother€™s reserves of depleted nutrients.
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