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Iron is a mineral which is important for a healthy body and is an important component of the body which helps to produce hemoglobin that helps to transfer oxygen from lungs to tissues. Iron is a major requirement during the growth phase, pregnancy and menstruation. It is also important to generate energy within the body and is required for certain processes. Balancing iron levels within the body helps to lower fatigue, helps cure anemia and improving immunity. 


Treat Anemia: Iron helps in curing anemia which is considered as the most common nutritional deficiency found in the world. When hemoglobin level is reduced than the average range, then anemia occurs. Symptoms of anemia are Increased heart rate, fatigue/tiredness, shortness of breath, dizziness, and being sick or weak. 

Boost Hemoglobin: The main duty of iron is to form hemoglobin, which is a red blood cell protein that helps to carry oxygen in the blood. However, more amount of hemoglobin is essential since humans are liable to lose blood through various injuries or other means. Women are more likely to develop anemia because they lose a lot of blood during their menstrual cycles every month. 

Reduce Fatigue: men and women sometimes experience fatigue which is unexplainable and can be managed using an iron. For someone with low levels of iron, may not be anemic but may experience fatigue. This usually happens with women during their reproductive time. 

Improve Muscle Endurance: there is a connection between muscle metabolism and low iron. The proper amount of iron levels provide the required oxygen for muscle tolerance and contraction. The most common symptom of anemia is muscle weakness. Muscles are also more liable to weakness with low iron. Pain may occur due to low amounts of iron, causing muscle tissue inflammation. These tissues are repaired with the help of iron-rich hemoglobin, and pain is lessened. 

Boost Immunity: The immune system is toughened up with iron. It helps to improve hemoglobin that transports oxygen to injured cells, tissues and organs and plays an essential role to protect the body and help it fight infections and diseases. So, the immune system and healing method are weakened when iron levels are low in the body. 

Improve Concentration: Iron deficiency also causes a decrease in normal cognitive functions. Attention and concentration are most affected when iron levels drop suddenly. However, restoring normal levels of iron can lead to normal cognitive functioning and concentration. 

Restore Sleep: A connection was seen in the research of 2005 between sleep issues and low iron levels, like insomnia, sleep apnea and restless sleep. It was observed in 2007 research iron therapy can help autistic children sleep better.  

 How to take it? 

The suggested usage of the supplement is: 

  • Take one tablet daily at the time of the meal or as recommended by the healthcare professional.


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