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Is Baby Lotion Safe For Your Baby?

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Taking care of your baby is the first priority when the newborn is born and welcomed into the world. Many first-time mothers ask the same question related to their newborn’s skincare routine about what to use.

Newborn skin is sensitive to dryness and irritation because it is quite delicate. Even though an excessive amount of moisturizer is not required for the baby, but the skin still gets dry, especially after baths and may need a baby lotion to compensate for the lost oil after bathing or due to dry air. It is, therefore, secure to use baby lotion for your newborn’s skin.

When Can You Start Putting Baby Lotion on a Newborn Baby?

A layer is present on the newborn babies’ skin which is known as ‘vernix’. This waxy layer present on the skin of babies is due to their protection required against the amniotic fluid when they are in the womb.

This layer in the first weeks after a child’s birth starts to peel off, known as dry, flaky skin. The skin that is present below this layer is quite hydrated, and no extra moisturization is required.

Moisturizers are used if the baby’s skin is very dry and needs hydrating, especially around the ankles, hands and elbow areas. During the time when the vernix is peeling, you can also use olive oil, petroleum jelly or vitamin A-D cream to boost the skin appearance.

Try using moisturizers that are mild, scentless or if you want to use a store product then use the doctor recommended product. 

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Why Does a Newborn Baby’s Skin Need Lotion?

Beneath the outer layer of the baby skin, the layer is actually quite moisturized. Moisturizer or a lotion may be required when the baby’s skin is exposed to dry air or after taking a bath. Try not to bathe your baby three times a week since it can get rid of all the oils that are present in the skin, keeping it supple and soft. 

Eczema and irritation can easily occur to a baby since it is so sensitive. Lotions or moisturizers are therefore required to ward off any irritation or eczema that may result due to it. To avoid dryness, scentless or mild lotions may be used by the caretaker. If you want to avoid commercial products for your baby’s skin, then try using olive oil or petroleum jelly instead of creams or lotions. 

Tips to Apply lotion for baby

Some tips on how to apply baby lotion on your newborn’s skin: 

1. Apply Lotion After Bath

Apply soothing, fragrance-free lotion for your baby’s skin after baths. Properly wash and clean your hands. Take a small quantity and apply a little over your fingers and the palm of your hands. Spread the lotion over the baby’s body by gently massaging it to distribute it evenly.

2. Use Lotion on Areas That Look Dry

Spread and apply lotion over the areas of the baby’s body that seem dry, like hands, elbows and ankles. 

3. Avoid Using More than One Product

Since your baby’s skin is delicate, you should not apply many products on it, especially commercially available products, as they contain tons of chemicals in their composition that can affect the skin of the baby. You should use the pediatrician recommended products for your baby.

Safety Measures to Take While Applying Lotion

Some safety tips that you should keep in mind while applying the baby lotion;

  • Select a lotion that is mild and does not contain harmful chemicals. 
  • Wash and clean your hands appropriately before applying lotion to the baby’s body.
  • Keep your nails trimmed so as not to injure your baby while applying the lotion over the skin.
  • Do not use many products at once since they can harm the sensitive skin of your baby.
  • To avoid allergies and skin irritations, wash the new clothes thoroughly before the baby wears them.
  • Do not bathe your baby three times a week, as it can reduce the natural moisture present in the baby’s skin. 

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How to Choose the Best Baby Lotion for baby?

Follow the following tips in order to pick the best lotion for the baby:

  • To avoid allergic reactions, use lotions that are hypoallergenic.
  • Do not buy one directly from a store; use on recommended by a doctor.
  • Choose a lotion that is smooth and gentle and is devoid of any scent, colors, phthalates, parabens, phenoxyethanol, preservatives, and those organically extracted from plant oils.
  • If you do not want to buy a lotion, you can use doctor-recommended products such as vitamin A-D cream, olive oil or petroleum jelly. You can also use baby massage oil. 

Best Baby Lotion

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