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Glutathione, also represented as GSH, is a molecule present in the body naturally. It is synthesized in the liver and also in neurons of the central nervous system. There are three amino acids responsible for making up glutathione:

  • Glycine
  • L-cysteine
  • L-glutamate

Glutathione is an antioxidant. It is included in functions like breakdown of toxins and carcinogens, synthesis of protein, prostaglandins and DNA repair too, immune system functioning, avoiding oxidative cell damage, amino acid transport, and enzyme activation. It is believed that supplements of glutathione can heal and help in multiple health issues. 

Benefits of best glutathione 

1.    Glutathione supplement has Antioxidant properties

Free radicals can help in the process of aging and in other diseases too. Antioxidants cancel out the effects of free radicals and secure the body against any negative effects. 

Glutathione serves as a very potent antioxidant since it is highly found in almost every cell of the body. 

2.    Glutathione tablets for preventing cancer 

Minor studies have suggested that cancer advancement can be stopped using glutathione. But, similar research also indicates that tumors are made less susceptible to chemotherapy, a common cancer treatment due to glutathione. More research is required to fully understand the effects of glutathione on cancer. 

3.    Glutathione for reducing liver diseases 

Liver cells are greatly damaged due to fatty liver disease, alcohol abuse, and hepatitis. 

4.   Glutathione for improving the sensitivity of insulin 

Diabetes type 2 occurs when insulin resistance is developed. Insulin, when produced, stimulates the sugar (glucose) of the body to be transported to cells so they can be used for energy. 

5.   Glutathione for reducing Parkinson’s disease symptoms 

A few studies have shown that regulating glutathione levels also help to improve symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. The evidence points towards the parenteral glutathione as a possible therapy, but no data has come to light related to oral use. More research is required. 

6.   Best Glutathione supplement for reducing the damage of ulcerative colitis 

Oxidative stress is a major reason for ulcerative colitis, which is an inflammatory bowel disease, and gastrointestinal tissue uses glutathione as a major antioxidant. 

7.     Glutathione skin whitening 

Glutathione used in personal skin care products is used for their skin whitening effects. The products also include creams and soaps. Glutathione supplements are also used by few people for skin-whitening effects. No evidence has come to light regarding the skin whitening effect of glutathione. 


The body synthesizes glutathione daily as a potent antioxidant. Its deficiency can lead to many medical issues. Even though people take its supplements, they may not be considered safe to be used by everyone and can interact with medications a person is already using. Better consult a doctor before using glutathione supplements to fully understand its benefits and uses.