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Baby Milk Powders Benefits, Side Effects and Awareness

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Baby Milk Powders Benefits, Side Effects, and Awareness


For babies, breast milk is thought to be liquid gold. Doctors recommend breast milk for babies for the time of at least six months.

After birth, breast milk used as a primary diet is considered a proper meal that meets the necessary dietary requirements and contains nutrients needed by a baby.

Breast milk is essential for the proper functioning of different body organs and also for the formation of a baby’s muscles, but sometimes, babies cannot digest breast milk, or babies do not accept breast milk.

In such situations, formula milk or powdered milk is best for nutrition.

Powder milk 

There is no substitution considered well enough for the mother’s milk for the baby’s growth. Some circumstances prevent the mother from breastfeeding the baby, which results in using of baby powdered milk or formula milk.

These milk powders are produced by vaporizing the liquid milk. It is made to fulfill the nutritional values required for a baby. Many mothers nowadays are accepting more formula milk for various reasons.

However, its advantages and disadvantages are not known by all. Some of them are mentioned below: 

Benefits of best formula milk for newborn

Baby milk powder benefits and uses

There are many benefits of formula milk for infants such as: 

1. Essential baby nutrients and vitamins

This formula milk contains all the nutrition that is needed by the baby for its growth. Infections that can occur due to contact do not occur in this way. 

2. No relation to the mother’s diet

The mother’s diet determines the nutrition that the baby receives. However, using formula milk relieves the mother from any dietary restrictions. 

3. Easy to feed anytime and anywhere

Many areas are not as open to breastfeeding and become awkward due to them. Using formula milk helps make this easy, just prepare it and feed the baby at your convenience.

4. Reduced risk of transferable diseases

The risk of transference of disease is high in breastfeeding, on the other hand, formula milk is safe and does not pose this threat.

5. Ease nipple discomfort

Breastfeeding leads to pain and nipple irritation, on the other hand, it does not happen in formula feeding. 

Powdered Milk Side-Effects

There are some side effects of powdered milk such as: 

· Lack of antibodies

Breast milk is best for the baby. Mother’s milk is essential for the immunity of the child as mother’s milk contains antibiotics. 

But powdered milk cannot increase the immunity of babies as it does not contain antibodies. 

· Not easily digestible for some babies

Babies have difficulty digesting these artificially made products as well as babies require more time for indigestion in formula milk. Rarely, but babies throw up immediately after drinking the milk.

· Time-taking process

You have to take accurate measurements while making formula milk for babies. It requires time to add the precise amount of powder and incorrect quantity of water for the best formula. 

· Costly

Powder milk produces artificially in the industry, but breast milk produces naturally in the mother’s body. Formula milk is quite expensive. Mother’s milk is the best nutrition that a child can get. 

Best formula milk for babies

There are some of the best formula milk for babies are available such as: 


Nutrition at an early age plays an important role in the growth and development of children at a later age. Breastfeeding is recommended for at least 6 months of the age of the infant, and after that complementary diet with essential nutrients and vitamins is recommended.

If the child does not get enough amount of essential nutrients from the diet, it is best to give formula milk to the baby but make sure to give formula milk that contains all of the essential nutrients and vitamins and does not contains artificial growth hormones and chemicals.

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