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Creatine Supplements: Usage and Side Effects

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Creatine is a form of amino acid, and it is present in muscles and the brain within the body.

Creatine can be obtain through foods like red meat and seafood, and it can be consume using synthetic supplements. Kidneys, pancreas, and liver can also produce 1g of creatine in a day.

Your body keeps creatine as phosphocreatine in the muscles, from where it is use as an energy source. People usually take creatine orally to promote muscle mass and athletic performance.

Creatine is consume by people for the treatment of conditions like congestive heart failure, brain disorders, neuromuscular conditions, and other conditions. Topical creatine is used primarily for treating skin aging.

Benefits of creatine supplement

Some research evidence shows benefits of creatine for some conditions like:

1.     Creatine powder for Strength and muscle size

Oral intake of creatine adds a boost to athlete’s reps or sprints counts. It helps in gaining muscle mass, strength, and better performance.

Athletes who do high-intensity workouts, which need rapid recovery after a session, commonly use creatine.

2.     Creatine for Injury prevention

Oral creatine is known to decrease injuries of bones, muscles, nerves, and tendons during the session. It is also helpful in reducing muscle cramps and dehydration.

3.     Creatine-metabolizing syndromes

Oral creatine supplements improve symptoms of certain deficiencies found in children.

4.     Creatine supplement for Cognition and brain health

Creatine supplements are known to boost up performance in cognitive tasks in older adults.

5.     Creatine powder for bone health and Sarcopenia

Creatine supplements are helpful in counteracting declines in bone mineral density and skeletal muscle.

6.     Heart failure

Little evidence is available that suggests oral creatine for the treatment of heart failure.

7.     Creatine for Skin aging

One study indicates that using a cream containing creatine on the face for six weeks daily may decrease wrinkles on the skin in men. Another study indicates that a cream having creatine and folic acid may reduce wrinkles and improve sun damage.

8.     Best creatine supplements

Some of the best creatine supplements that you should try are

  • MuscleCore Creatine
  • MuscleTech Creatine
  • Platinum Creatine

You can get these supplements from the Life Pharmacy store, and you can order these supplements online at the Life pharmacy website as well.

Side effects of Creatine

Creatine is considered safe for its oral use for up to 5 years. For any dietary supplement, it is necessary to choose a product with a proper manufacturing process, third party testing, and quality insurance.

Creatine can cause:

  • Weight gain can occur because of creatine use, specifically lean body mass.
  • Creatine might not be safe for people having already health conditions like kidney problems. More research is required in this area.

Is creatine supplement safe?

Potential dangers associated with creatine are not known. Due to harmful effects associated with other performance booster drugs, creatine has also been equated using the worst examples.

Creatine increases the quantity of creatinine in the body, which is a risk factor for poor kidney functioning. However, an increased level of creatinine is not caused by kidney damage but by the higher production of creatinine.

Long-term studies are lacking in this area, but precautions must be taken for the safe side. Creatine may cause mild gastrointestinal problems, but apart from that, it is safe to use.

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