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How to find your Beauty Signature Look

Your signature makeup look, whether it is bare skin + a red lip, a full face including highlighting and contouring or no makeup at all, is the beauty equivalent of your signature look – the key representation of your personal style.

Just like defining your own personal style, developing a signature make up look is a very individual process. your unique signature make up look should depend entirely on your own definition of style, your aesthetic preferences and also your daily routine.

Just keep in mind that, like a uniform, your signature make up look should not only express your personal style but also be low-maintenance and simple enough for your everyday activities.


Step 1: The time factor

The first thing to think about when developing any aspect of your beauty routine, whether it’s your skin care regime or a makeup look, is how much time you are realistically able and willing to spend on it.

If you are always pressed for time in the morning, don’t aim for an elaborate routine.

Step2 : Apply the Right Amount of Foundation

Your foundation is the base of your signature makeup look. While the color matters, so does the amount that you apply. Many people use too much foundation.

Unless you have problem skin, you can probably get away with using just five dots: one on each cheek, another on your forehead, one on your neck, and another one your chin.

Blend these dots with a foundation brush or beauty blender to create a flawless, natural look. If you have dark circles under your eyes, freckly skin, or blemishes you want to cover, add a little more foundation.

Step3: Translate your style concept into a beauty look

After sorting out your base, you can start working on the ‘visible’ aspects of your make up – lips, cheeks and eye make up – the products that shape your look and should enhance your wardrobe and express your personal style.

Essentially, this step is about creating a visual concept, so you can approach it in the same way. If you have already defined a style concept for your wardrobe, look for ways to translate its main elements (e.g. classic, edgy, fifties, etc.) into a beauty look.

Alternatively, instead of creating a whole new look, you can also use your current everyday make up as a starting point, by figuring out which aspects you like about it and which ones you need to tweak to better represent your overall style.

Once you have gathered a few ideas for possible make up looks, try them out one-by-one and see how they work with your uniform and perhaps also a few other of your favorite outfits (borrow make up or buy a cheap drugstore palette if you don’t have all the colours you need in your stock).

After test-driving a few options, you will have a much better idea of which elements complement your wardrobe and which don’t.

Keep re-mixing them until you come across that one perfect look (e.g. dewy skin, highlighted cheekbones, defined eyes and bare lips or rosy cheeks, brown mascara and lined berry lips).


Step4: Find the Right eye makeup 

The eyes are the windows to the soul, so it’s important that you frame them right. Eye makeup is such a key part of any signature makeup look, so consider how you’ll apply yours carefully. Consider colors first, remembering your ideal palette.

The style also matters. Smoky eyes are sultry while winged-tips have a playful retro vibe. Consider the image you want to project when choosing your preferred eye makeup style. Style and color matters, but so does quality.

Choose a reputable brand like Amway, and you can feel confident your eye makeup will be long-lasting and kind to your skin.

Step5:  Choose products and optimize your routine

Once you have developed a loose visual concept of your ideal look, the next step is finding the right products to implement it.

Always keep your aim in mind: to create a fuss-free make up routine using a minimum number of steps and products, that optimally enhances your style concept and complements your wardrobe.

If you are starting from scratch, write down every step you need to create your look. You will be using those products close to every single day, so regardless of whether they are high-end or from the drugstore, make sure they all fit your criteria and do what you want them to do.

Work out what feels good for you

Most importantly, your signature makeup look should work for you. It should make you feel beautiful. If bold lips make you feel uncomfortable, try something subtler.

If you love how smoky eyeshadow make your peepers pop, make it your signature. Think about your best features and how you can enhance them to find the right elements of your signature makeup look. Make sure to consider the amount of time you have available.

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