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5 Qualities of The Best Gym Shaker Bottle

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Many types of bottles with their multiple mixing mechanisms are present for shaker bottles. Shaker bottles can be used to contain water as well as both hot and cold types of beverages.

There are some of the characteristics that should be kept in mind when selecting the ideal shaker bottle for protein drinks such as;

1. Material of best gym shaker bottle 

Many different components are used to make shaker bottles with materials like glass, BPA-free, stainless steel, and phthalate-free compositions.

For making the interior and exterior of the shaker bottle, stainless steel is used, which is made of long-lasting materials, so to secure the bottle from any damage due to fall, and strong shaking of the material present within, like wire whisk balls.

A variety of features such as resistance against odor and bacteria are also present to avoid any stay of smells or flavors from the protein shake that were present previously or smoothie and to stop bacterial growth.  

gym shaker bottle

2. Protein shaker bottle Capacity

Varieties of capacities are present in shaker bottles, usually having 12 ounces to 32 ounces of space. The kind of smoothies or protein drinks that you like is the size and volume of shaker that you will prefer.

There should be more capacity in gym shaker bottle-for easy and smooth blending of smoothies or whey protein. There should be Large-sized bottles for drinks that you are using as a meal replacement. For snack-sized drinks, it is best to use small bottles.

Shaker bottles also contain markings on them for measurement purposes to easily mix the ingredients as required in the instructions. 

3. Shaker cup and Seals 

A number of styles are available to keep the bottle closed, and the style you prefer is your own choice. Many lids are either screw-on or a snap-on which can be a flip-top or slide-top area for drinking.

Some have an opening of wide-mouth spout easy for both pouring and drinking. For preparing your protein drink before time, an airtight seal is suitable for a shaker bottle or if you need to keep the refrigerated drink cool for some time. Finger loops, which may be adjustable, present on the cap of the shaker bottle, is helpful in transportation.

The most unique and important feature of a cap is that it should be leak-proof to avoid any spillage on your clothes, within the bag, or in the car

gymshaker bottle

4. Mixing System

Two types of mixing systems are available in shaker bottles, like, a removable plastic mixer or a wire whisk ball made of stainless steel.

However, the shake consistency observed in both systems was almost similar for both systems.

Sometimes, the shape and design of the bottle designed in such a way so as to facilitate better mixing without using these complex structures.

Electric bottle shakers are also available for more effortless mixing of protein drinks and weight gainer shakes if you do not want a manual mixing system, but it is heavier and needs to be cleaned more. 

5. Extra Compartments

Multiple compartments are present for a beverage in shaker bottles, sometimes. Separate compartments have different beverages present, which may be useful to store pre-workout and post-workout drinks in a single bottle.

At the same time, some shaker bottles contain additional storage space. It is best to keep any extra supplements or protein powder in it. 

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