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Thermogenesis and weight control

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What is Thermogenesis? 

And how it helps in weight management?

Thermogenesis is a natural process by which the body generates heat. This helps the body burn more calories and lose weight over a period of time. This process essentially breaks down the fat cells in the body and increases the body’s internal temperature. This natural bodily fat-burning function can be stimulated in two ways to achieve weight loss: shivering and nonshivering thermogenesis.

Non-shivering thermogenesis, which is popularly known as brown fat thermogenesis, is achieved through the heat generated by mitochondrial metabolic processes. This doesn’t involve a change in muscle contractions and is highly popular.

Now let’s examine how enhanced thermogenesis helps a person reduce weight. Non-shivering thermogenesis is considered the most beneficial and hassle-free type of thermogenesis that can help reduce or manage weight. The reason is that it occurs mainly through metabolism in brown fat.  Brown fat tissue consumes more calories than any other type of body tissue. Studies reveal that a few ounces of brown fat can burn up to 200 calories in a single day.

So how do you boost your body’s natural ability to generate heat and enjoy weight loss? Fat-burning foods offer the easiest way. It is possible to increase thermogenesis by including fat-burning foods and ingredients (spicy foods, coffee, and tea) in your diet. On the other hand, several fat-burning dietary supplements are available in the market today. 

Thermogenic fat-burning supplements

Daily intake of dietary supplements containing thermogenic ingredients is gaining popularity among people who want to manage their weight naturally.

Some of the most effective natural ingredients in weight loss formulations that can support thermogenesis include green tea and coffee, cayenne, turmeric, Bioperine, yohimbine, raspberry ketones, and complementary ingredients such as Glucomannan, Guarana, etc. 

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Let’s see how some of these ingredients help control weight. 

Green Tea:  Green tea contains a special thermogenic compound—epigallocatechin gallate—which is very effective in boosting the body’s metabolism and helping in burning fat naturally. 

Cayenne Pepper Extract: Cayenne pepper extract functions as an appetite suppressant, and enhances non-shivering thermogenesis. Both of these features help achieve weight loss over time. 

Bioperine: this ingredient increases your metabolism through improved thermogenesis, helping you reduce weight. 

Turmeric: Turmeric has excellent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, mainly linked to the compound curcumin. These features help achieve weight loss naturally. 

Raspberry ketones: these enhance the metabolism, speed up fat burning, and reduce appetite.

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